Olaplex No. 4 Shampoo & No.5 Conditioner

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If you've ever bleached your hair, chances are you've heard of Olaplex.The 3-step bond-building treatment – previously reserved for use in salon, but now readily available to buy online – is essentially like scaffolding for dry, brittle, over-processed hair. Olaplex have now launched a No.4 shampoo and No.5 conditioner which you can use at home. Molecules in both the Step 4 and Step 5 clever formula work to repair and regenerate strands which have been damaged by things like chemicals and intense heat, while providing an intense moisture surge in the process. The result? Hair that looks and feels strong, shiny and soft in little to no time at all, and a reason why hair experts all over the globe recommend it post-dye.

We have long loved Olaplex in our salon in Killaloe and we  are delighted that this Olaplex Shampoo and Olaplex Conditioner exists to support and develop our clients hair!

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