GRKBlog: Maintain your Greene Room Killaloe Olaplex treatment at home!

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Good news! You can now take the magic of OLAPLEX home with you. Introducing OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector.

By using OLAPLEX Hair Perfector at home, you continue to help strengthen your hair and rebuild broken bonds, helping to maintain the structure, integrity, softness and shine leading up to your next appointment.

 No.3 Maintains your in-salon Olaplex service.

No.3 Hair Perfector is not a conditioner. This is our at home bond builder that contains the same active ingredient found in all professional Olaplex products. Our patented technology relinks the broken disulfide bonds in every type of hair providing real, structural repair that works from within. For best results, please follow our instructions.

Repair Damage at home on every hair type.

No.3 Hair Perfector works dynamically to help repair damage to all hair types. The ‘Hair Perfector’ treatment can be applied once a week between your chemical services to enhance the results of any given salon treatment. Discover how fabulous it feels to have incredibly strong, totally healthy hair.

How do you use No.3 Hair Perfector? It’s quite simple. follow these three easy steps:

  1. Prior to shampooing, make sure you wet hair, towel dry hair and then apply a generous amount.
  2. Process for a minimum of 10-20 minutes. If hair is compromised, longer is recommended. Why not sleep in it like Kim Kardashian?
  3. Rinse hair, shampoo, condition or treat as per hair requirements.

Ask your technician or stylist about this revolutionary new service today! Purchase yours in the Greene Room Killaloe today or order online here.

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