Winter Hair Care At The Greee Room and What you can do to keep your Hair in Shape

Your Winter Haircare Solved

Winter weather can throw a lot at hair. From cranked up central heating to biting temperatures, not to mention frizz-inducing rain to freezing conitions, it’s a recipe for bad hair days. Luckily, you have us on hand to help tackle winter haircare dramas.

We spoke to our Salon Experts to find out what you can avail of in salon to combat any winter haircare mishaps.

Nourishing treats

In winter, the combination of cold weather and dry indoor heat can cause split ends and hair breakage. “The dry air deprives hair of moisture and can cause damage,” explains Orla. “The Semi Di Lino Liquid Crystals creates a protective shield against static and allows hair to stay supple, shiny and soft. The lightweight formula is infused with Semi Di Lino's Urban Defence Pro and Shine Fix Complex to aid up to 24 hours”



Dry hair soothers

Afro and highly textured hair tends to be drier than other hair textures, and this is especially the case in the winter months. The combination of cold, dry air and artificial heating systems can deplete hair of moisture.

The Semi Di Lino Moisture and Reparative collection has been developed especially for dry or damaged hair. Shaun says: “The Semi Di Linio Moisture & Reparative collection includes products that hydrate the hair to protect against breakage. The SDL Moisture Mask for example adds moisture and the SDL Reparative Mask protects against breakage and repair damage. The SDL Extraordinary All in 1 Fluid, adds moisture back into the hair when styling.”




Backwash treatments 

Exposing hair to the harsh elements can cause frizz, damage and can contribute to scalp issues. To keep hair healthy and nourished an intense deep repair mask is the perfect treatment to offer in salon. Perfect for pre lightened or chemically abused hair too, the Semi Di Lino Detoxifying Mud Mask is a salon favourite. 

“The Detoxifying Mud Mask helps revive tired, broken and dull hair by gently removing impurities from hair and scalp stressed by pollutants, making your hair radiant and revitalized,” explains Kate. “Its clay texture gives a sensation of freshness and wellbeing on both the Hair and the Scalp.”

Detoxifying mud for all hair types: gently removes impurities from hair and scalp stressed by pollutants, making your hair radiant and revitalized. Its clay texture gives a sensation of freshness and wellbeing.

Scalp SOS

Winter can irritate or worsen a scalp condition thanks to extremes in temperature (think going from freezing temps outside, to stuffy centrally heated offices). Whether your scalp is oily, sensitised or dry, talk to your Stylist and let's work out a bespoke scalp treatment to soothe and revitalise scalp and hair.

The new Semi Di Lino Scalp Range has something to help all Scalp SOS issues and includes shampoos and at home treatments focused around Rebalancing, Soothing and Purifying the scalp. Talk to your Stylist when you are next in to determine which of the Scalp Range might work for you best.  


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