The Greene Room: Greys, Roots & What you Can do at Home...

The Greene Room: Greys, Roots & What you Can do at Home...

Look, we know that look. We have all had it. You are in your favourite Chemist/Supermarket store and you happen upon the home colour aisle and you think 'I would look amazing as with * blonde/brunette/redhead'...and some of us, including those of us who are in Hairdressing now have brought that colour home to some utterly spectacular results...not all of which have been good.  

Don't be disheartened and think that you'll be judged by us by doing an over the counter colour! We just want you to maintain all of the condition of your hair. So please, if you are attempting it, (AND we absolutely do not endorse it) make sure to patch test as nobody wants to be ending up in hospital with an allergic reaction from Over the Counter Colours!


While we cannot control what's happening around the world, we CAN control the condition of our hair! 

For anyone struggling with those pesky grey roots, fear not, we have some answers!

  • Try popping on a cute hairband or changing your parting to disguise the roots too.
  • Color Wow Root Cover Up - Check out Orla's IGTV tutorial on this here
  • For all the blondes out there, the Color WOW Dream Filter is a godsend, along with our range of blonde toning shampoos and treatments which will keep them brassy tones at bay until we get to see you again!

Check out our COVID Home Care Collection below! 



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