Kemon ActyvaBio Full Range

Actyvabio de Kemon, is the first line of biological professional treatment certified by Cosmos Organic

Actyvabio is the first line of biological professional treatment certified by Cosmos Organic , enriched with Velian Complex, a patented blend of medicinal plant extracts.

The result of extensive scientific research conducted by Kemon in collaboration with Vivacell Biotechnology (Denzlingen, Germany) and the University of Ferrara.

The patented phytocomplex Velian Complex has contrasted anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

The formulation of Actyvabio contains up to 97% of ingredients of natural origin and up to 86% of certified organic ingredients . The line also has a recycled and recyclable packaging.

Components of the line

Acqua Micellare Essenziale

Detox treatment for the salon. A solution with a high concentration of active ingredients and detox action that helps to progressively eliminate impurities and persistent residues, returning the scalp and hair to their original beauty.

Essenziale line: Indicated for natural hair

Essenziale Shampoo : Effectively and delicately cleans all types of hair. Indicated as shampoo for frequent or daily use.

Balsamo Essenziale : Leaves hair loose, light and voluminous, favoring disentangling.

Essenziale Ricca line: indicated for treated, dry hair with a tendency to frizz

Essenziale Ricco Shampoo : Gently cleanses treated hair leaving it soft, hydrated and light.

Maschera Essenziale Ricca : Reparative action. Nourishes the hair leaving it soft, hydrated, disciplined and luminous.

Body line: indicated for all skin types

Bagno Doccia Essenziale : Gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and perfumed.

Latte Corpo Essenziale : Leaves the skin smooth, silky, delicately perfumed and hydrated in depth.

Ritual Hair Detox

Hair Impurities build up is a very widespread phenomenon that consists of the accumulation and stratification, in spite of the washings, of particles. The consequences are dull and opaque hair, hair without life. The ritual for Salon Detox Actyvabio fights the build up effect from the first application.

In 3 simple steps (DETOX with Acqua Micellare Essenziale, CLEANSE with Essenziale Shampoo or Essenziale Ricco Shampoo and NUTRIR with Balsamo Essenziale or Maschera Essenciale Ricca) it is possible to restore the scalp and hair to their well-being and natural splendor.

The products of the Actyvabio line are born from the experience that Kemon laboratories have accumulated in the field of professional products and that is why they guarantee exceptional performance: the hair is softer and brighter and appears looser, lighter and healthier looking .

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