Actyva P Factor Intensive Lotion Men (6 ml x 12 pcs 50 ml)

Actyva P Factor Intensive Lotion Men (6 ml x 12 pcs / 50 ml)

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Formula designed for targeted treatment against hair?loss (male).
Results of effectiveness test*:
? thicker hair in 80% of cases
? average increase in hair density 12.1%
? improvement in the degree of alopecia in 10% of cases
? well tolerated in 95% of cases
* The test was done on a sample of 20 men between the?ages of 22 and 60 affected by mild to severe alopecia?androgenetica (placebo-controlled). The products were?applied by volunteers every day for a total of 6 months.

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan.



Phial: apply directly to the scalp drop by?drop and working in sections?Blot with a fingertip after each application.

Roll on: apply to a clean scalp, working?section by section.?At the beginning of each section, completely?press down on the dispenser and distribute?the product along the section, allowing the?roll-on ball to roll forward and backward.?Distribute over the entire scalp with?circular motions. Follow with a massage as?described in the P Factor Lotion massage?procedures

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