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Sybil Connolly (24 January 1921 – 6 May 1998) was a Dublin-based fashion designer who was known for creating haute couture from Irish textiles, including finely pleated linen and Carrickmacross lace, and later for her work with brands such as Tiffany & Co. She was a pioneering designer in Ireland and one of the first to have international success, especially in America.

Connolly was among a group of Irish designers, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, such as Irene Gilbert and Nelli Mulcahy whose designs were inspired by native fabrics, turning them into high fashion garments. Later in her career she turned her attention to interior decoration and designed crystal, fabric and ceramics. Her natural style and charm made her an outstanding ambassador for Ireland.

Her bewitching style has always been a source of inspiration for us at The Greene Room as her use of turning native fabrics into high fashion outfits continues to inspire and drive other designers even today.

Using our connections with the Hunt Museum in Limerick, we agreed to bring these outfits to life for the first time in decades using some of our best models. To have been involved with this great fashion designer and bring her timeless elegant work back into the public eye was a wonderful experience.

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