GRKBlogs: Our 5 Miracles Of Eurovision Hairstyles!

It’s Eurovision Semi Final II Night tonight! To mark Brendan Murphy’s ‘Dying to Win’ entry on Tonight’s Semi-Final, we decided to go back through the archives to look at…what else…but only the most miraculous* hairstyles of Eurovision.

Brendan Murray will represent Ireland at the Eurovision in Kyiv tonight
Brendan Murray will represent Ireland at the Eurovision in Kyiv tonight

* “miraculous” may be a loose term…

    1. Jedward – ‘Lipstick’ (2011)

      The boys from Clondalkin. High Hair. Interesting Fashion.

      Lipstick was Ireland’s 2011 entry into the Eurovision. Let’s move on.

      Jedward - Lipstick (2011)
      Jedward – Lipstick (2011)
  1. Jamala – ‘1944’ (2016)
    Jamala successfully represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “1944”. With a crown hair braid and set curls, her hair was always going to be a winner as well.

    Jamala - '1944' (2016)
    Jamala – ‘1944’ (2016)
  2. Slavko Kalezic – ‘Space’ (2017)
    We had no words to describe the miracle that was this helicopter of braided hair swinging around from Tuesday night’s Eurovision Semi Final I offering. None. Miraculous does not even cover it.

    Slavko Kalezic - 'Space' (2017)
    Slavko Kalezic – ‘Space’ (2017)
  3. Celine Dion – ‘Space’ (1988)
    Yes she really did represent the Swiss in 1988. A shy, 20-year-old Quebecoise with a command of curls was enough to win when Celine Dion opened her mouth and blew the roof off the Point Venue in Dublin.

    Celine Dion - 'Ne partez pas sans moi' (1988)
    Celine Dion – ‘Ne partez pas sans moi’ (1988)
  4. The Original Mr.McDreamy Johnny Logan – ‘What’s Another Year’ (1980)
    Ah Johnny Logan. What *is* another Year indeed! With that head of hair and those, of their time, leather pants it is no wonder you had a series of miracles in the 1980s!

    Johnny Logan - 'What's Another Year' (1980)
    Johnny Logan – ‘What’s Another Year’ (1980)
  5. Bonus Reference: – Linda Martin – Terminal 3 (1984)
    While she did not win (She came second), Linda had amazing hair for the occasion.

    Linda Martin - 'Terminal 3' (1984)
    Linda Martin – ‘Terminal 3’ (1984)

Check out Brendan’s entry on Youtube here!

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