Hot Tools - Styling Range - Curl Bar 32mm - The Greene Room

Meet the Hot Tools Ireland Curl Bar!

The humble curling iron has come a long way since its groundbreaking debut some 2,000 years ago. In just the last century, it's morphed from what looks like a torture device into the electric gadget we know today, upgraded countless times with new bells and whistles.

But we bet no one in the Roman Empire could have predicted the biggest modern advancement would look quite like this. Enter: the Hot Tools CurlBar, Hot Tools Ireland' brand-new, 7-shaped iron available at The Greene Room. The design might look strange, but that unique bend is what gives it the power to style hair easier, faster, and with less arm strain.

Just check out Orla’s IGTV video on using the Curls and how to create those curls like Chloë Sevigny's curls and Mila Kunis' beachy waves. For a crash course in mastering this bizarre tool,  Orla created three everyday looks that anyone can copy — without so much as raising your arms past your shoulders.

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