Alfaparf Milano Pigments

Colour Fade Be Gone - Alfaparf Milano Pigments Range


Oh yes! Alfaparf Milano have done it again. The Alfaparf Milano Pigments range is a Pure Pigments Range which can be used in Salon, at Home or on the Go.

These are suitable for Natural Hair, Coloured Hair and even Bleached Hair helping to intensify tones, correct tones and make whole new tones.


This why every hairdresser in the country has gone mad for these. With 12 shades to choose from, the Alfaparf Milano Pigments range has made our Colour Correction days a breeze overnight and ultimately helping our clients can do their own top-up service at home when their colour fades.

Now if your a natural or coloured brunette you too can have hair that looks vibrant, by adding Gold, Golden Mahogany or even Bronze your colour will immediately become a better version of itself.

It gets better because they are not mixed with Ammonia or a Developer there is no development time or mess. These Pigments wash out evenly and can last 4 Shampoo's. If you build the tone up it will last longer each time.

Use at Home

We advise our clients to mix a small amount and try it on a small section. Then to leave it for 20minutes while your tone develops and wash off when you are happy with it!

Shades can be intermixed with all the shades in whatever ratio you like.

You can mix your pigments in your favourite Semi Di Lino Shampoo and Conditioners, Your Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioners . You get the drift! You literally have free reign.

We will even mix your Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask for you in salon to revolutionise your Home Care needs! After your next Colour Service, ask for Pigments with your Home Care regieme and let the Colour Fade worries…fade away!

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