5 Date Night Hairstyles - Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to wear your hair. Whether you plan on keeping things simple or going big and bold, there is a perfect hairstyle out there for you to accompany any date night plans. Need a little inspiration? Here are five of our favourite hairstyles. 


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Who doesn’t love a good hairstyle with a twist? To recreate this lovely look at home, start by misting a Style Stories Thermal Heat Protector on your strands to prep your hair for hot tools.

Once your hair is prepped, use your Hot Tools Curl Bar throughout for soft, defined curls and mist with the Style Stories Illuminating Hairspray.From there, take two-inch sections of hair on either side of your part and begin twisting them away from your face. As you get to the ends of the strands, take both sections and wind them together. Once you have a singular section, roll the ends upward toward where the twists meet (a.k.a the middle portion of the back of your head) and section with bobby pins. 


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Last minute plans? Update your hairstyle instantly by sleeking down the front sections of your hair using a medium-hold hair paste and then pinning one section back with a barrette of your choice. It’s a totally chic hairstyle that takes less than a minute to recreate. 


Photo Credit:  @brianwashburnhair

To recreate this gorgeous updo, start by curling your strands with the Hot Tools Evolve Straightening Iron to give your strands extra body and dimension. Be sure to spray your curls with hairspray as you go in order to give your hair extra grip later on. 

After your hair is fully curled, place your thumbs at the top of each of your ears and section your hair downwards. Take the hair that falls to the back and wind into a bun. Secure the bun with an elastic and bobby pins to make sure it stays in place. 

Once the bun is secure, begin taking small sections of the front sections of your hair and twist and pull them backward toward the bun. Wherever that certain section hits the bun, pin it in place next to the bun allowing the ends to dangle. Do this with all remaining sections of your hair, excluding any face framing pieces that you want to leave out. 

After everything has been pinned into place, set the entire hairstyle with your favorite high-hold hairspray.


Photo Credit:  @garnierusa

Curly girls, here’s a hairstyle that is perfect for showing off your edgy side. Start off by using the Actyva Disciplina Curl Cream to help hydrate your hair and help kick any frizz to the curb. From there, take a high-hold sculpting gel to start smoothing the side of your curls upwards to create a faux-hawk hairstyle. Use bobby pins as you go to help hold sections in place and help guide you as you create the style. 

Once your hair has been pinned in place, take a small amount of the control paste in the palms of your hands and begin scrunching through your tendrils to help give your curls long-lasting shape and hold. 


Photo Credit:  @jonnarocknhair

Nothing screams, “I’m a polished, flawless woman” quite like the perfect blowout. Create this signature hair look by starting off with damp hair. To those wet strands, add a blow dry lotion with heat protection to help smooth your strand while you blow dry. 

After your heat protectant has been applied, use either a Style Stories Flexible Mousse or some Semi Di Lino Liquid Crystals to your strands depending on the time of finish that you’re looking for. Want to tame frizz and create a sleek finish? Reach for the smoothing lotion. Want big, sexy hair that just won’t quit? The volumizing mousse is for you. 

Once all of your products have been applied, section off the top half of your hair with a clip leaving the bottom portion down. From here, grab your hair brush and get drying. 

Pro Tip: The type of hairbrush you use will ultimately effect the look of your blowout. Use a paddle brush to create sleek, shiny strands or reach for a ceramic round brush to pump up the volume. 

After you have finished drying the bottom section of your hair, release the top section. From here, use your brush to lift and smooth the hair away from your face. Doing this up and back motion will help give your blowout the best finish possible. Once all of the hair is dry, you’re done and looking fabulous.

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